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With people becoming moreand more health aware, as well as fitness aware, the increasing number of themhas decided to waste little time, due to already busy lives, and insteadgoing to the gym and practicing on a treadmill, bring the gym and that sametreadmill to their homes. This is, of course, the main reason why fitnessequipment sales have been on an incredible rise in the past couple years. Andwhen it comes to the overall equipment, treadmills are at the top of the list.According to numerous surveys, people are willing to invest more in a propertreadmill than they are willing to do when it comes to all other exerciseequipment. Since, the companies have caught this trend with their watchful eyes immediately,so did the offer of many different varieties reached its peak. Nowadays, aperson can quite easily get lost in the sea of treadmills and by the timehe/she knows it, the entire purchase can turn into a real nightmare. And this, ofcourse, is not a positive and encouraging factor, and can often lead to peoplelosing the vigor they had at the beginning.

Compare appropriatelyand according to proper standards and requirements

Given the fact thatevery person seeks different qualities that would suit him/her best, it isfairly difficult to find a “perfect” treadmill right away. Therefore, it isextremely important to discover, first, what is it that you want to achieve asan end result, and only then start with your search for the most suitable treadmill.Since there are no official regulations and adopted criteria for thesuitability of a treadmill, experts point out to some of the criteria that areconsidered to be more important than other, and to which every person should payattention. Those are the following:

Motor with optimum wattage – importantthing is to opt for the treadmill that has a motor that is not too powerful,since if you do opt for a such, then your workout will turn out to be needlesslytoo pricey. But on the other hand, you should not opt for a power-saver, sincethere is a possibility that it may burn out long before it is supposed to.Considered to be the most suitable power range is anywhere from 2-2.5 hp(approx. 1500-2200 W).Cushioning – is considered to beanother vital aspect, which unfortunately many people tend to disregardcompletely. Suitable cushioning is essential to the overall safety of theperson’s joints, ligaments and most importantly, the back.Indicator panel – also plays animportant role. Namely, the more functions it has, the better. The covered distance, calories burn counter, cardio details, blood pressure indicator are all thethings that your panel should have.Extended warranty – given the factthat a person is fully prepared to make a large investment, when it comes tohis/her health, in that case s/he deserves the entire purchase to be properlyand legally “reinforced” with an extended warranty.

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