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Narcolepsy is one of the sleep disorders that includes excessive daytime sleepiness. The person suffering from narcolepsy can feel a sudden urge to sleep and can’t resist it. This urge can occur at any time during the day and it can be very uncomfortable. These sleeping attacks are usually followed by short naps. Unfortunately, narcolepsy affects a person’s everyday functioning. Although the duration of sleep is short, these persons seem like sleeping normally.

It is important to make a difference between narcolepsy and catalepsy. These two conditions are not the same. Narcolepsy causes a person to fall asleep, and catalepsy keeps a person awake but paralyzed. Catalepsy results in a muscle weakness when a person is overflowed with feelings like anger, fear or euphoria. Person is aware of what is going on when having catalepsy attack. There is a certain similarity between these two conditions and that is in the fact that the attack can happen anywhere and anytime.Narcolepsy is a nervous system disorder that we know very little about. It is a condition that we don’t quite understand. There is a great possibility that the cause lies in the neurological functioning. Actually, it is probably a dysfunction of sleep-wake center in the brain. Although there are some assumptions on the causes of this condition, the actual facts still remain unrevealed. Luckily, there are ongoing researches regarding this condition, and hopefully, we will be able to find out what causes narcolepsy and thus help people who are suffering.

Narcolepsy affects teenagers and young adults. Sleepiness can occur in some other cases, for example, when there is a head injury, high body temperature, when a person is dehydrated or when there is a brain infection. There are some other conditions that can cause symptoms similar to narcolepsy. If there is a suspicion that the person is affected by any of these conditions, immediate medical care is necessary.There are some herbs and supplements that can help you to fight narcolepsy. The main stimulants that are helpful are choline, magnesium and calcium. Choline is a stimulant and is a component of B complex vitamins. The usage of choline is safe because it doesn’t bring on any of the side effects. B complex vitamins feed our nervous system and give energy to our body. Magnesium helps in the functioning of our hormones in the brain. Calcium is giving energy to our body. If you suffer from narcolepsy, you should also change your eating habits. Go on a diet but avoid any food that you might be allergic to.

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