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Traditional vs Modern

We all know that, in the past, womengave birth solely with the help of midwives. These women did not havemedications, surgeries or any other advanced methods of childdelivery, yet they managed just fine and many of our grandparentswere born completely healthy that way. With the development ofmedicine as an institution, many have forgotten natural process ofgiving birth and started believing that labor is impossible unless ina medical institution, guided by a doctor. What is more, duringhospital labors, a women is given many different medications in orderto remove the pain from the process. However, these medication mayinterfere with the health of the child and the process of givingbirth itself.

For these reasons, and plenty more, nowadays, more andmore women are opting for traditional way of giving birth,considering the natural method to be the best. There are manybenefits to giving birth naturally, especially when you take yourbaby's health into consideration. Anesthetics, medications and allother supplements of medically assisted labor can prove to bring moreharm than help. What is more, often, these do not work the way theyare supposed to, and, affected by medication, a woman cannot feel herbaby coming out, thereby being incapable of providing contractions.All in all, natural way of giving birth has its benefits and allwomen should be given a choice, rather than being ordered to followsocial norms of modern civilization.

How to Give Birth Naturally

Even though you need no doctors andsurgery in order to give birth, you still need support. For thispurpose, you need to choose a midwife. You might opt for a doctor, anurse or an actual, traditional, midwife. Either way, you needsomeone experienced and supportive to be with you during this,possibly the most exciting and beautiful part of your life. Next,choose a birth place beforehand. This can be your home, a naturalbirth center or even a hospital. Just be prepared and choose thisplace in advance. Subsequently, know everything about your birth andplan all before it actually happens, consulting with your midwife andpeople close to you. You can do this by taking classes during yourpregnancy, reading books about it or seeking advice from women whoalready gave birth. Finally, during labor you can use the help of adoula, a birth ball, many different relaxation and birth givingtechniques as well as support of your whole family and your best friends.

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