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Testosterone is vital when it comes to the normal development of the male sex. It has been shown in recent times that testosterone can lead to health benefits, and the hormone is considered to be the most vital male hormone. The hormone is produced in the testicles and adrenal glands. Androgens and testosterone perform many physiological actions in an adult. Often, the production of androgen in men will decrease over time, as a man ages. In men, changes in production levels are gradual and progressive, but some men can experience a problem known as late onset hypogonadism or androgen decline in the aging male. It should be remembered that erectile dysfunction is not usually solely attributed to low testosterone levels. Erectile dysfunction is normally related to blood flow changes, high blood pressure, diabetes, atherosclerosis. However, low testosterone can be a significant problem with regard to erectile dysfunction.

Testosterone production begins even before birth, but the peak of production occurs during adolescence and early adulthood. The release of testosterone is normally beneficial, while others are not as desirable. The production of testosterone is a complicated process and can easily be affected by subtle physiological changes.
Testosterone levels rise quickly during adolescence, leading to rapid growth and physical changes. Levels remain relatively high until the age of fifty, at which time they begin to drop gradually. By the age of eighty, he will have just twenty to fifty per cent of the amount of testosterone as he did when he was an early adult. It is also proposed that obesity and diabetes can lead to lower testosterone levels.
Other possible causes of chemotherapy, radiation, infection, and trauma to the brain or testes. Immunodeficiency viruses can also lead to a lowering of the testosterone levels. Other drugs, like morphine and Prednisone might also have negative effects with regard to the production of testosterone.
Lower testosterone levels can lead to a lack of physical growth, lack of body hair, the development of breast tissue, lower libido, erectile dysfunction, poor concentration, fatigue, increased body fat, muscle weakness, osteoporosis, depression, hot flashes, and othe problems related to mood. The onset of testosterone in older men might also lead to the loss of body hair, including the loss or softening of the beard. The lowering of testosterone is a problem that should be correctly addressed through consultation with a medical professional or someone capable of properly addressing the problem.

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