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Is embryo mix-up possible? Yes, it is. Surprising, right? With all the high tech equipment infertility clinics are dealing with, when there is a human touch, there is a mix-up. Paul and Shannon Morell were dealing with infertility for several years, and then Shannon gave birth to twins Ellie and Megan in 2006. Girls were conceived with in vitro fertilization.

Ellie was born profoundly deaf and required special care, so the couple waited several years later before having another baby, so they went back to see a doctor at the clinic. The doctor said okay and said he will call them for appointment to try for a third child. Few days later and just a few days before appointment they received a call it was clinic. They came to the clinic and the doctor sat them down. His speech was shocking. He told them that Shannon's frozen embryos had been implanted into another woman and that woman was pregnant. The couple was shocked. And, who wouldn't be?

Shannon says that she considers an embryo a baby, so when the clinic lost their embryos it was like giving their child to a stranger. And then you say: "oops, it happens human factor sorry our mistake". Shannon writes about her journey about dealing with an embryo mix-up in her book "Misconception: One Couple's Journey from Embryo Mix-Up to Miracle Baby." Imagine the feelings of a woman carrying Shannon's child. Actually whose child is that? Embryo is Shannon's and since the other woman gave birth to a baby is the baby hers? Is it half Shannon's half hers? Whose is it?

The Woman was considered a surrogate mother And when the little boy was born he became the son of Shannon and Paul. The clinic could cover up a mistake, but they didn't. They did the right thing by telling the couples what happened. However, at this point it is important to increase the security protocols and make sure mix-ups never happen again.

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