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Hearing loss is a serious condition and it may cause frustration and changes in one's behavior. The person may become angry and start to blame people from his/her surrounding. It is essential to accept the disease and try to cope with it as much as possible. The support from the family and friend is significant for the entire process of adaptation to the disease. Hearing loss does not only affect the patient. It also has influence on the family members, friends and colleagues.

Coping with Hearing Loss

It is essential for patients and their loved ones to be patient. There is no reason to blame anybody. One beneficial way to treat people suffering from hearing loss is to use adaptive behaviors. For example, it is good to stand directly in front of the individual with hearing loss in order to provide with visual clues of the conversation. Furthermore, it is good to have patient's attention and these individuals must be aware the person is talking to them. Also, in crowded and noisy spaces one should sit close to the individual with hearing loss and place oneself in such manner so eye-mouth contact is easy and may remain unnoticed by others in the group.

Counseling with a neutral third person may help in proper education of the patient as well as other family members on the effects of hearing loss and the ways to overcome them. Counseling is also good to get rid of all the bad feelings and negative emotions such as anger, stress, anxiety, concern etc. By proper communication the person will regain strength and accept the illness. There is a variety of coping strategies one may use to understand the feelings of an individual with hearing loss and vice versa.

Hearing Aid Technology- Proper Rescue

Hearing aid technology has progressed over the years and today it may help many people suffering from hearing loss. Today's digital hearing aids have many advantages. For example, they provide with wearing comfort (they are lighter than they used to be). There are so many types of hearing aids and each of them suits personal preferences. Furthermore, hearing aids improve sound quality, have wireless connectivity and there is automated technology that controls sound levels in various listening environments. Two more advantages of today's hearing aids are automated feedback suppression which allows adequate performance without any worry of whistling and fashionable design.

A well experienced audiologist will recommend the most convenient hearing aid. The patient may need some time to adapt but he/she will eventually learn how to use the hearing aid and will meet all its good sides and benefits.

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