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Anemia genetically can be passed onto next generations and is called sickle cell anemia. It is when red blood cells do not pass enough oxygen. Sick red blood cells can not move freely and are not shaped properly. When the blood cell shape is not proper it may clog in a small blood vessels. Sickle cell anemia can not be cured but can be treated in a way to ease to pain and maybe stop any other medical complication.


There are symptoms following this condition, which are:

The painA classic symptom of sickle cell anemia is pain. The pain occurs when unshaped blood cells pass through little vessels at joints, bones, chest and abdomen. The pain can be strong or mild, and if it is too strong patient needs intravenous pain killer.

Hand-foot syndromeHands and feet can be turgid and that means anemia in infants. It is when bad shaped red blood cells are clogging a flow of blood.

AnemiaBad cells are sensitive and fracture in no time. Reds live 120 days and after that period they need to be switched with new alive one. So there are always not enough cells which cause anemia. Not enough blood red cells nor oxygen are refreshing the body. That is why anemic people are always tired.

Often infectionsDamaged red cells can impair spleen and there is nothing to battle infection. So children with this condition need antibiotics to detain serious infections like pneumonia.

Postpone growth Red blood cells obtain nutrients and oxygen for development. Not enough red blood cells postpone children’s development and growth.

Problems with sightSickle cell anemia brings a vision problems because sickle cells clog the blood vessels and that shatters the retina — retina balk visual ability.

JaundiceWhen eyes and skin gets to be yellow it only means that liver shatters. The liver has function to process substances from blood but if red cells are damaged the liver is too pressured. Jaundice is apparent if patient yellow eye whites.


Sickle cell anemia complications involve:

Blindness; Sickle cells clog the blood vessels of the eyes. It ruins retina and may cause blindness. Priapism; Men suffering this may have painful erections, and it is called priapism because sickle cells clogs blood vessels of penis. It can cause impotence. Pulmonary hypertensions a high blood pressure, also short breath and hard breathing and heart condition. Stroke; Sickle cells clog brain and stroke occur and that follows with numbness, seizures, weakness, difficulties to speak, and eventual consciousness loss. Organ impairment; If sickle cells slow down the blood flow it means that system do not delivers enough oxygen. Not enough oxygen impairs organs and nerves. (liver, spleen, kidney). Acute chest syndrome; It is dangerous complication and delivers chest pain, hard breathing and fever. Lung infections and suckle cells blood flow in lungs can give an acute chest syndrome. Skin ulcers; Sickle cell anemia may trigger gallstones, and open wounds on legs. Damaged red blood cells crashes bilirubin. And bilirubin gives jaundice to sickle cell anemia patients.

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