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Spinal cord injuries are frequently associated with caraccidents, and most of these injuries are very serious. In many cases, spinalcord injuries must be taken care of as soon as possible, so if you happen to beinvolved in or witness some car accident and see that someone’s hurt, call for urgentmedical help.

Car accidents that involved bicycles, big rigs or trucks arevery often those which are reported to be linked with spinal cord injuries. Theseare reports from several California cities, including Newport Beach, Santa Anaand Los Angeles. Recreational ride on the motorcycle can also lead to spinalcord injuries, according to this source. Los Angeles specifically is found tobe one of the cities with most car accident claims.

Typical Spinal Cord Injuries

The doctor diagnosing the condition of the patient withspinal cord injury or disruption will look to see which vertebrae of the spine areaffected. Spinal cord injuries may cause paraplegia or quadriplegia. Paraplegiais medical condition characterized by the loss of control and all feeling fromthe waist down, and quadriplegia (or tetraplegia) patients lost all controlover their body. These patients lost complete control and functions of the body fromtheir neck down.

Car accidents involving SUVs and passengers vehicles oftenresulted in whiplash and tetratplegia. In some cases semi trucks are found tobe the cause of paraplegia. Discburst fractures are often seen in car accidents involving delivery vans,because these vehicles are usually driven much faster than they should be.

National Spinal Cord Injury Association revealed that spinalcord injuries (also shortened as SCI), may be caused by car accidents, violence,various sport activities, slips and falls. 44% of all spinal cord injurieswere caused by some car accidents, while 24 % of SCI were provoked by violentattacks, say their statistics. Slip and falls are responsible for SCI in 22% ofall reported cases, and the rest of diagnosed cases of SCI (about10%) werecaused by sport injuries and some other activities.

Spinal Cord Attorney

There are some lawyers specialized for spinal cord injuries.They can negotiate your claims with the insurance company, and provide someuseful advice about proper care and possible treatment options of the spinalcord injury. They also know more than usual lawyers about long-term care and economicneed of these patients. With the doctors, spinal cord attorneys can documentevidences, diagnosis and prognosis of the injury, which may determine economicloss associated with the spinal cord injury.

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