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Most common symptoms that allergies manifest through

Even though there are numerous types of allergies, in thegreatest majority of cases they tend to manifest in the same way, meaningthrough the symptoms that are more or less the same. They can be classifiedinto those that are not serious and do not endanger the health of the person inquestion, and those that definitely are serious and require immediate medicalattention. Some of them involve the digestive system, some airways and nasalpassages, while some affect the skin.

Congestion of the nasal passages, itchy or runny nose, aswell as tingling sensation in the mouth, cough, wheezing, problems withbreathing and swallowing due to swelling of the tongue or throat, are some of the symptoms that affectrespiratory tract. Symptoms that can be noticed on the skin are redness,itchiness, peeling or flaking of the skin, hives, and skin rash. Anaphylaxis isdefinitely the most sever body reaction that the person might develop due to someallergen, and if he or she does not get medical help as soon as possible, itmight be fatal. The person will feel lightheaded, the pulse will be rapid orweak, and the shortness of breathe is very likely to provoke the loss ofconsciousness. The breathing might even completely be blocked because of theswollen airways, and the person’s life is in danger in such cases.

Treatment options for allergies

The first advice that every doctor will give to the patientis to avoid the triggers of allergic reactions, because this is the mostimportant part of the prevention. If it is impossible to avoid the exposure toallergens, then it has to be minimized.

The fact is that the treatment of allergic reactions is basedon the medications primarily because they can relieve the symptoms. Some ofthese medications can be obtained over the counter, while some need to beprescribed, but generally, those most frequently used belong to the group ofantihistamines, corticosteroids, or decongestants. Some people might besuggested immunotherapy, which might last for years and consists ofadministering the injections that contain extracts of purified allergens.

In cases of anaphylaxis, the person needs to get anepinephrine shot. Some people who are prone to so serious allergic reactionsusually carry with them these injections, but otherwise, the person needs to betaken to the emergency department of the nearest hospital in order to get it.

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