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Many of us when we hear the words high blood pressure we immediately associate them with the adult population. However this is not necessarily true, there are many children and teenagers that unfortunately suffer with this condition. A scary fact is that the high blood pressure among teens increased from the year 1989 to the year 2002 from one percent to five percent of teenagers in America. Doctors and experts believe this is because these days teenagers in America generally do less exercise and eat more junk food than ever before.

What are the Causes of High Blood Pressure in Teenage

Years ago the experts put teenager’s high blood pressure down to issues with their kidneys or their heart. These days we know better which the ill-fated fact is they develop the high blood pressure for similar reasons as the adults. Some teenagers do inherit the trait of suffering with high blood pressure, but more often it is simply a case of bad choices in their health. Even though in some teenagers, we don’t necessarily see weight gain despite eating a tone of junk food it does not mean that their blood pressure will not be affected later on. Another possible cause that has been discovered is early puberty. Those teenagers that have started their stage of puberty early generally will be at a higher risk of getting a higher blood pressure than those who start puberty at a regular time in their life.

How to Diagnose a Teenage with High Blood Pressure

Having a teenager with high blood pressure should only be diagnosed by a doctor because it is very different to following the guidelines of diagnosing an adult simply because most teenagers do not necessarily have the equivalent dangers involved. Doctors will diagnose a teenager’s blood pressure by using percentages based on certain statistics.

How to Prevent and Treat a Teenager’s High Blood Pressure

It is so imperative that doctors stabilize the high blood pressure in teenagers because they can lead to cardiovascular difficulties in their later years. The best way to manage the pressure is by keeping the teenagers weight correct for their age and height. Also it is important to eat healthily and of course not to smoke. Exercise is also very significant to maintain a low blood pressure. Teenagers should not obviously be drinking alcohol or taking drugs which will raise the blood pressure of anyone of any age group.

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