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Every woman feels slightly sore and low on energy after giving birth, whether it was a c-section or a vaginal delivery. And if you've just pushed a baby out, "lady town" probably feels like, well, like you have just pushed a baby out. That sometimes comes with something few women want to talk about or even think about before they become mothers: vaginal tears. They heal quickly. They really do. In the meantime, there are things you can do to be more comfortable.

Is peeing hell after birth?

I remember that burning, stabbing sensation during urination all too well from after my first birth. Seriously, peeing was the worst aspect of postpartum recovery after my first baby was born, and I would hold it in for as long as I could before sitting on the toilet crying. Things they never tell you about before giving birth! It becomes so much easier to pee after having torn, I found out after my second baby was born, if you pour luke-warm water onto your sore parts while you do your business. It makes all the difference.

Sitz baths

If you're wondering what they are, take comfort in the fact that you'd never have found out if you were not a mother who went through a vaginal birth. Sitz baths can be placed onto the toilet bowl to bath your sore parts. Many women put herbs in them to help the vagina heal more quickly and to gain relief. Witch hazel is an anti-inflammatory herb that helps it all quiet down, for instance.

You can also use witch hazel in another way: soak a menstrual pad (cloth or disposable) in water with witch hazel, and wear it. The worst of vaginal tears will generally be healed after a week. By the time you go for your six-week postpartum visit, you will probably not feel a reason to complain about it to your doctor. If it still does hurt, do seek help though.

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