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Brain Radiation

The tumor located in the neck or head region is treated with this method calledbrain radiation. Other problems treated with brain radiation include malignanttumors, gliomas, meninglomas, pituitary adenomas, cancers located outside thebrain and inside. But although the benefits can come out from this treatment, someside effects may show its bad face. The next text will focus on the sideeffects that can arise from the brain radiation treatment.

Side Effects

One of the most common problems of the brain radiation is the hair loss. Thisis an unpredictable side effects, which sometimes causes loss on the onelocation, sometimes on the whole body, and it comes either suddenly or gradually. It isvery unpredictable and it usually appears after two weeks of therapy, causing the loss of chunks of hair. But, the hair usually grows back after theend of the therapy, though in some cases this may not be possible. This happenswhen the hair bulbs are damaged.

Next possible side effect is itchy and dryskin. This problem is usually visible on the areas where the hair has fallenoff. Sometimes it can be similar to the rash or it is located on the ears ifthe therapy is given through the ears. This may prove to be dangerous, sincethe cells begin to gather in this region due to this side effect.

Headache isanother side effect of brain radiation, and it can be frequent, severe andaccompanied by swelling. This problem may also bring disorientation, confusion,memory loss and others. Hearing loss is a possibility if the brain radiationtreatment is given through the ear. Since this is a radiation therapy, immunesystem will be impaired.

Other side effects include fatigue, impaired sexdrive, irritability, fatigue, drowsiness, nausea and loss of appetite. Thereare some cases in which more lasting side effects develop, and these cases are themost serious ones. This problem may lead to radiation necrosis, which isassociated with the forming of the large nidus of the necrosed and dead cellson the radiation area. Radiation necrosis can also cause hearing loss, blindness,memory loss and the problems may even last for several years.

Remember that these are the most common side effects and they are definitelynot experienced by every person going through this treatment. Many variablesare included in this equation. Radiation session frequency, dosage, thepatient's threshold and other factors determine the severity of the sideeffects. Be sure to visit the hospital if some of the problems arise after thebrain radiation treatment.

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