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Acne and Beta Carotene

There are daily values and dosages that a human body requires. If we talk aboutvitamin A, the daily values needed by the adult body are around 5000 IU. Betacarotene is required by the human body and the daily value is around 5 to 20 mg.These numbers are not established and they should be considered as guidelines. The beta caroteneis a form of vitamin A and this is why it can prevent and reduce the acne appearance.The beta carotene is broken down in the human body to vitamin A, which is thenstored in the liver. If taken in high dosages, the vitamin A can become toxic,while beta carotene cannot. But, generally they are very similar and some may saythat they are nearly the same. If you take more then 500000 IU of vitamin A, skin irritation, hair loss, gastrointestinal problems, joint pain, vomiting andsevere headaches may occur. This can also cause great problems, like birth defects, if thesedosages are taken by a pregnant woman.

Acne Problem

The substance we are talking about in this text can be used for treating acne. Inthe cause of several weeks, some say that you can even take from 300 000 to 500000 IU during one day. But, know that 50 000 IU are considered to cause overdose.The overdose, when experienced, will exhibit itself after six hours, and it canlead to liver damage and enlarged spleen. The overdose with beta carotene israre, but it can lead to orange skin discoloration, usually on the soles, palmsand the face. The problem of overdose is eliminated upon eliminating intake ofbeta carotene supplements.

If you have acne, vitamin A will help you. It will aid the tissue growth of thenew skin and it will make the acne lesions heal much faster. The vitamin A willalso make the immune system stronger, since it is an antioxidant, and it will fight the acne caused by bacteria. IT will eliminate thebacteria that can lead to pustules located under or on the skin. The vitamin Asnatches the free radicals and improves the immune system. These effects willmake the acne provoking bacteria go away by sending white blood cells to fightwith them. Some studies state that the effect of the vitamin A can be enhancedby taking higher dosages, but this is not confirmed. Take this information withextreme consideration.

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