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Any person is likely to becomelactose intolerant, depending on his or her life and actions. Those who can notimagine a meal without cheese, milk cream, milk itself, as well as no desertwithout ice cream and such, tend to overdo it and might get themselves intorisk of becoming lactose intolerant. Other causes for getting this conditionmight be intestinal injuries and also you might be lactose intolerant sincebirth. What ever the cause might be, one must be ready to completely change hisor her lifestyle when it comes to eating, if long and pain-free life is what heor she is after.

How to know if you are lactoseintolerant? It is quite easy to tell when you cannot digest lactose any more.Severe pain and nausea shortly after in taking any dairy products followed byan instant need to go to the bathroom and either have bowel movement or vomitare all clear signs that the warning comes down from your stomach. If the painreturns, being the same every time you eat dairy products, visiting your doctoris a must, since, most likely, he or she will confirm you that you are lactoseintolerant and suggest a new diet which will not cause you any problems andpain.

The hard part for all peoplehaving this condition is living with it. In most cases people who becomelactose intolerant like dairy products very much and most often that broughtthem to where they are. It is very hard to give up on something you could notimagine your diet and life without. The haunting smells of cheese, thewonderful colors of ice-cream on a hot summer day are all those things thatmake people having this illness suffer. But, for the sake of one's health, one mustchange his or her life and changing the diet drastically comes with it.

However, this may not be thecase. There exist numerous over-the-counter medications which help lactoseintolerant people with digesting their favorite food. Many people have confessedthat they have used them desperately without ever hoping to succeed and totheir surprise the pain never came, even though they had a large portion oftheir beloved ice-cream or such.

For some people this might be arevolutionary cure, but bear in mind that it might not work for you just thesame. Consulting with your doctor and asking him or her for opinion on the drugyou think might help is a very good start. With the doctor's help with choosingthe right drug, maybe the sweet smell of cheese is not so far from your grasp.

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