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With more than a one billion overweight adults worldwide, obesity is one of major health concerns of our time. It is one of major causes for chronic diseases and disabilities. Typical, tried and proven ways of fighting obesity are diet / exercise combos, which are usually strict and should be adhered to almost flawlessly.

Unfortunately, most people are unable to stick to this for a variety of reasons, usually because of a tight daily schedule enforced by a busy lifestyle. Many of these people opt for a workaround such as weight loss supplements.

One of the most popular supplements are fast weight loss pills, or, commonly, diet pills. As market is overwhelmed with these pills, one will naturally wonder which ones truly work. According to the label alone, each one is the best on the market. That is not helpful, right?Choice of diet pill should be based on criteria such as ingredients and quality of ingredients, price, power of weight loss, side effects, long term results, safety and others.

Not each pill will work for everybody and trial and error method is likely the only solution to find out which pill works for you. Below is an overview of some of the pills that stand out on the market, which may be helpful in your choice. It should be remembered that no diet pill can maintain healthy or desirable weight all by itself, and prolonged usage may have some undesirable effects. Only permanent solution is natural solution - alteration in dietary habits backed by exercising.

It contains 8 fat burning ingredients (clinically proven) and increases the metabolic rate. There is a lifetime money back guarantee with full refund in case of unsatisfying results.

Liporexall (TM)

11 patented ingredients (clinically proven) of this pill increase caloric expenditure and minimize carbohydrate conversion to fat and activate the fat burning enzymes in the body.

Testoripped (TM)

Formulation of this supplement, which is targeted on male population, boosts testosterone, builds muscles, burns fat and suppresses appetite. This fat burner helps to loose weight while preserving the lean muscle mass.

Clinicallix (TM)

Main ingredients of this diet supplement are all herbs. It is proven to be particularly suitable for women.

Proactol (TM)

It is a natural and organic (clinically proven) fat binder - it binds with the fats in the body thus preventing their digestion and absorption. It is made from dehydrated leaves of Opuntia ficus-indica, a cactus plant.

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