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Children may need to have their adenoids removed, but prior to surgery, there are some precautionary measures that need to be taken. The neck is where the small group of lymph nodes is located and they are called adenoids. Their exact location is at the throat and nose junction. When we are children, they are included in the functioning of the immune system and help torepel infections, but they may be removed due to some problems. Adenoidectomy is the name for the surgery used for their removal but because a child's immune system depends greatly on keeping adenoids until the age of six, the procedure is usually not done before then.

Need for the Adenoidectomy

Recurring ear infection or sinusitis may be caused by a chronic infection and the infection may be caused by the adenoids, which can become enlarged because of the recurring infections, or develop into swollen glands. Problems with breathing can develop due to this situation and this can among adults and children both. Also, sleep apnea is another problem that can arise. So the prevention of sleep apnea attacks and thus helping the child to sleep well is the reason why this procedure is done.

Removal of the Adenoids

General anesthesia is used and a small instrument is inserted in order to hold the mouth of a child open. Then the surgeon takes a microdebrider or curette and removes the adenoids. To lower blood loss, cauterization of the adenoids may also be done.

Special Care After the Procedure

Person will have to stay in the recovery room for a while after the surgery (which lasts approximately half an hour) and problems such as vomiting or upset stomach may occur when the patient wakes up. But if they do, they will be over in the next 24 hours. Also, during the first day or two, there is a chance for sore throat, but the problem does not always occur and a patient may eat and drink in normal fashion shortly after the procedure. The child will need to take some antibiotics for a period of 5 to 10 days and the child should drink a lot of fluids.

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