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This text will talk about the problem called scoliosis pain, which is maybe under a wail of mystery that we will try toremove. The problem we are talking about is associated with spine and its abnormal curvature. Scoliosis pain is a condition that can be detected on people walking in the streets,since it is not that rare. Another name for this problem is scoliosis, which isword originating from Greek language and it means crooked. The condition in question ismostly seen among adolescents and young children.Scoliosis pain is a problem that is developed before the puberty and several types ofthis problem are possible. Some of them are degenerative, neuromuscular,congenital and idiopathic scoliosis. There are several causes of theneuromuscular colitis and they are polio, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy andcerebral palsy. Abdominal pain and back pain are usually caused by the problemwe are talking about. But some other conditions can cause it as well. Also,treatment is very important and if it is not done during childhood, manyproblems may be experienced in the future.

Myths and Facts

If the problem is mild, there will be no physical pain experienced. Thisstatement also says that those who are experiencing this pain due to mildcurvature are not experiencing it physically, but psychologically. Another causeof this problem can be identified in the back muscle overstretching, which is caused by the spine curvature. The tension onthe muscles is increased due to the spine curvature. Also, a scoliosis pain can be a result of mental state, which imagines the pain andassociates it with possible pain and complications. This means that if we thinkthat something is happening to us, like an infection, we will experience theproblem but only in our heads.


As we have said, mild cases require no treatment and normal life can becontinued. Medications will be given if the problem is a result of scoliosisand the use of braces, such as Wilmington or Boston brace, may be needed aswell. If the problem is present in the later stage of life, it is probablycaused by advance stage of scoliosis. Surgery is the last option, but if a childhas to undergo this surgery, know that scoliosis pain will be felt several daysafter the surgery. Also, be there for your child during the hard times afterthe surgery, since most children have a problem with wearing braces.

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