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A concussion may take place after one suffers from a mild or severe blow to the head. However, the severity of the concussion depends greatly on the seriousness of the injury. Even though concussions disrupt a person's brain functionality, these injuries can be treated successfully. Nevertheless, it is necessary for a person who has suffered from a concussion to seek medical assistance, ruling out any serious damage or having it treated timely.

Reasons behind Concussions

Once a person endures a hit in the head, his/her brain changes its position slightly, colliding with the skull from the inside. This state of affairs is what leads to a concussion and individuals usually lose their consciousness during this occurrence. Memory loss may also be the scenario involved with concussions.

Speaking of risk groups, when it comes to this injury, athletes, toddlers learning how to walk and people who work under conditions where something may fall down on their head belong to the list of endangered individuals prone to suffering from head injury. Therefore, they are prone to suffering from concussions. Nevertheless, road accidents are the world's leader in causing concussions.

Signs of Concussions

The first sign of a concussion is usually the loss of consciousness. People usually pass out and remain out for a short while, feeling nauseous once they regain their consciousness. Memory loss may strike them too. Due to all these factors, they need to stay under the surveillance of medical staff for a while. In some cases, people who pass out swallow their tongue, possibly suffocating due to this, involuntary, action.

Other than this, people undergoing a concussion may suffer from headaches or migraines, have difficulties regaining their consciousness and experience blurred vision. Additionally, they may be confused or prone to vomiting and motor function problems. Finally, their pupils may not be equal and they may suffer from convulsions.

Treatment for Concussions

As it was mentioned above, people who have undergone a concussion need to be kept under close medical watch for at least a couple of hours, preferably a day. If the symptoms reappear, medical assistance needs to be sought. Resting is crucial for a proper recovery from concussions.

Alternatively, ice packs wrapped in a piece of cloth can be applied onto the injury in order to promote wound recovery and reduce the symptoms of the concussion. Painkillers can help one deal with the pain he/she might be feeling. Also, medications like lidocaine, injections or topical treatments may help. The doctor may perform numerous tests making sure he/she is familiar with the severity of the damage, taking adequate treatment measures afterwards.

People usually recover from concussions during the course of about 3 days. Regardless, resting and monitoring of the patient's state is necessary in order to prevent relapse or onsets of other, similar complications.

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