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There are many diseases and disorders that canaffect the human body since it is very sensitive despite its immune system, which is the body’s natural defense mechanism. Some diseases or disorders arequite common, but there are also those that are very rare. One of those rare disorders that can affect thehuman body is werewolf syndrome, which is medically called hypertrichosis. It is an unusual genetic disorder, which ismarked by the abnormal growth of hair on the body. This abnormal growth may be restricted only to one area and it is considered to be localized werewolf syndrome. On the other side,if the hair abnormally grows all over the body, then it is considered to begeneralized werewolf syndrome. Hypertrichosis can be divided into two types:congenital (or present at birth) hypertrichosis and acquired hypertrichosis.

Types of congenital werewolf syndrome

When the babies are born with abnormal hair growth,it is referred to as congenital werewolf syndrome. There are several types of congenital werewolfsyndrome, such as hypertrichosis lanuginosa, generalized hypertrichosis,terminal hypertrichosis, localized hypertrichosis, nevoid hypertrichosis,circumscribed hypertrichosis and several others.

Congenital hypertrichosis lanuginose is marked bylanugo hair appearance all over the newborn baby’s body, except on the palms ofthe hands and soles of the feet. Lanugo hair is fine and soft and usuallylight-colored. Many hairs develop from the same follicle.In case of generalized hypertrichosis abnormal hairappears on face and upper body parts in males, while in females, hair growsasymmetrically.When the growth of extremely pigmented terminal hairoccurs all over the body, it is congenital terminal hypertrichosis.Localized hypertrichosis refers to the abnormalgrowth of hair only in some areas of the body.The unusual hair growth on the upper extremitiesrepresents circumscribed hypertrichosis, while an extreme hair growth on anisolated area refers to nevoid hypertrichosis.

Types of acquired werewolf syndrome

Acquired hypertrichosis develops later in lifebecause of various reasons. The most common types of acquired werewolf syndromeare: acquired hypertrichosis lanuginosa, acquired generalized hypertrichosis,acquired patterned hypertrichosis and acquired localized hypertrichosis.

All the types of acquired werewolf syndrome have thesame characteristics as corresponding congenital werewolf syndrome types. Theyjust appear later in life. Unfortunately, the medicine that can stop theabnormal hair growth is still not found, although there are certain drugs thatcan slow down the rate of hair growth. Electrolysis is a method that can beable to stop it completely, but the doctor should be consulted about it.

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