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Lung cancer can have different localization and prognosis. Bronchi cancer is a malign tumor with bad prognosis and unfortunately, there is not much that can be done. This is the most frequent cancer in men and it emerges around the age of 60. Causes are not determined but there are some contributing factors such as smoking, exposure to chemicals, aerial pollution, radiation etc. There are several types of this cancer, based on the structure of their tissue. There is planocellular, which is the most common, then there are adenoma cancer, microcellular cancer etc. According to the level of differentiation of the cells, this cancer has three levels and low differentiation points to the bad prognosis of this condition.


There are several types of this cancer, based on localization. If central bronchus is obstructed with cancer tissue, coughing would be the first sign, dry and irritable. After dry cough, coughing with excretion comes. Next symptom is pain, especially if cancer cells spread to bone structures in thorax. Disrupted breathing is also a symptom and there is blood in sputum. Signs of cancer spreading to the thorax are changed voice, dyspnea, decreased level of oxygen in blood, and problematic swallowing, if esophagus has been affected. There is also a change in the heart rhythm, and if there is no immediate reaction, these heart issues might lead to the tragic end. These tumors often create metastasis, which travel by blood stream and might affect other organs in the organism (liver, bones, brain, and supra-renal glands). Histological and cytological confirmation of lung cancer is needed before the therapy starts.


There are not many options when it comes to dealing with this type of cancer. Basic and most effective therapy is prevention or at least early diagnosis of cancer. There are several methods that can be used and which one will be applied depends on the level of cancer progression. So, there are surgery, radio therapy, cytostatic therapy and symptomatic therapy (used in the final stage of the cancer, when nothing but soothing the pain can be done). Conditions for surgery usually meet only 15% of all patients. Prognosis is much worse if metastasis is found in lymphatic nodes in mediastinum. Post op treatment includes chemotherapy and medications. Recidive usually is in a form of systemic metastasis.

Since the prognosis is generally bad, it is important to maintain the health of lungs all the time. This is important because that is really the best way to deal with this dangerous condition – to avoid it completely.

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