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If people expose themselves to the summer heat and the harmful sun rays for too long, they run the risk of sunstroke. Even though sun strokes from the sun are among the most common, the sunstroke does not occur only in the summer but anytime the body is exposed to the excessive heat. One of vital human body functions is to regulate its temperature. By its own means it protects against over-heating by cooling it. However, being too long in the spot of direct heat can disable the body's cooling function. Consequentially, the body and organism dehydrate and suffer sunstroke. Perspiration, frequent diarrhea or urination, as well as insufficient intake of water and fluids can result in the sunstroke. In such situations, body cannot supply the organism with enough fluids considerably incapacitating basic functions. The bloodstream and the heart are then affected, circulation is bad causing the sunstroke. Therefore, to prevent the sunstroke, a person has to take a lot of water or other fluid whenever in the extremely high temperature. In the extreme heat, the body perspires more than usual so when it uses all the body fluids it dehydrates and increases the risk of the sunstroke.
The first sign of being struck with the sunstroke appears on the mouth. The lips are dry and chapped due to the lack of water in the body. Skin becomes irritable, red and peeling, the reasons for this being the cease of body perspiration. The body temperature raises which causes feverish condition, headaches and weakness. The heart beating accelerates, breathing is rapid and shallow and a person feels dizzy and nauseous. Vomiting and diarrhea sometimes follow the nausea. The person becomes mentally confused with sluggish reactions and eventually can even lose conscience. The sunstroke makes one feel disoriented and prone to hallucinations and irritability. Young children, elderly people, people with certain medical conditions and physically inactive people are particularly sensitive and more susceptible to the sunstroke.
The sunstroke is considered to be emergency case since it is utterly important to give hand as soon as possible. Once the first symptoms occur, the treatment boils down to the cooling of the body. The person has to be placed in the bath with the cool water. Other method is to wet the towels or place ice directly on the body. It is crucial to give him the water or fluids, in some cases he is given intravenously. After the body temperature decreased follow-up treatment has to be followed to reduce other symptoms and avoid further health problems.
To avoid sunstroke, people should be very careful in the high temperatures. Drinking a lot of water, avoiding physical efforts, or working and wearing adequate clothes decreases the possibility of the sunstroke.

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