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Next Choice or Second Choice or, simply, Levonorgestrel are all names for a medication which is used as emergency contraception. This medication is taken after the unprotected sex, preventing ovulation and changing the cervical mucus, making it harder for sperm or the fertilized egg to reach the uterus. Therefore, this is a form of birth control pills even though levonorgestrel can also be used for some other purposes.

Basic Information on Second Choice

First of all, this medication should not be used if pregnancy has already taken place since it will not terminate pregnancy in this case but will, rather, be useless. Also, Second Chance is not a regular birth control pill and, therefore, should not be used for prevention of pregnancy in the long run. So, if you desire to use birth control pills, consult you doctor and get acquainted with proper medications designed for this purpose.

Finally, children younger than 17 should not get this medication without a prescription. Therefore, seek medical assistance if you are underage and in need of this form of contraception.Consulting with Your Doctor

Upon visiting your doctor and inquiring about Second Choice, do not forget to mention whether you are allergic to something or not, especially when other kinds of medications are concerned. Also, if you are suffering from some chronic illnesses like diabetes, do not fail to mention this too.

Levonorgestrel may not be the best choice for you in these situations and you may need to settle for an alternative or some other form of birth control of this type.

Additionally, if you are breastfeeding, you should not use this medication since it may affect the baby negatively. So, if you have a baby, tell that to your doctor as well.

The Usage of Second Chance

Second Chance comes with instructions. You should read these carefully and thoroughly, following every step. Do not use doses larger than those recommended and prescribed by your doctor.

Basically, the first dose of this medication is to be taken immediately after the unprotected intercourse. You should not wait for more than 72 hours. Once you have taken the first dose, the second is to be taken 12 hours afterwards. If vomiting or any other side-effects appear within an hour after taking the medication, call your doctor and report this.

Three weeks after you have taken the last dose of the medication, your doctor will need to examine you, confirming the positive effect of Second Choice. However, even though this medication may shift your menstrual period a bit, if it is late for more than a week, you might be pregnant.

Finally, do not forget to keep this medication at room temperature, free of moisture.

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