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Emergency contraceptive pills are commonly the choice of all those who indulge into unprotected sex or experience a broken condom. Also, women who do not take their birth control pills regularly or properly also use these emergency drugs. These can keep you safe from pregnancy even when other methods of contraception have failed to do so.

Facts about Emergency Contraceptive Pills

These pills are made of hormones which are usually found in female body once the menstrual period takes place. Thus, taking these pills right after the unprotected sex will prevent pregnancy. However, contrary to beliefs of many, emergency contraceptive pills do not trigger an abortion. Rather, these pills prevent ovulation from taking place, making pregnancy impossible since the egg cannot get in contact with the sperm.

There are several variants of these pills, the most popular ones being Plan B, One-Step and Next Choice. All of these use a two types of female hormone, progestin and estrogen. These pills are very safe and effective in almost all cases. However, they need to be used properly in order to successfully prevent pregnancy from taking place.

How and When to Use Emergency Contraceptive Pills

These pills need to be taken as soon as possible, after the unprotected sex has taken place. Timely use will increase chances of the effectiveness of the pills. So, the first 24 hours after the intercourse are ideal. Nevertheless, some pills of this type can successfully stop pregnancy even when taken 5 days after the intercourse.

Obtaining these pills is fairly easy. All you need to do is be older than 17 and pay any pharmacy a visit. Some pharmacies do not sell these pills, so you may need to inquire about them once you enter any facility of this type.

As for teens, if they need help obtaining the emergency contraceptive pills, they can always ask family planning programs for help, getting the necessary prescriptions for these pills. Moreover, most doctors and health experts keep these pills in their clinics, allowing their patients and clients to get them easily, even giving them in advance, for preventive purposes.

The Effectiveness of Emergency Contraceptive Pills

Statistically, if 100 women have unprotected sex during the second or third week of their menstrual cycles, without taking any emergency contraceptive pills, approximately 8 of them will end up pregnant. However, if all 100 women take the pill, there are chances that only a single one may get pregnant. Finally, if all of the women take the pill withing the first 24 hours, chances of getting pregnant are minimal.

Since different types of these pills are used differently, make sure you read the instructions carefully and seek information regarding the dosage and the amount of pills necessary for preventing pregnancy. Basically, if the next period takes place, you have successfully prevented pregnancy. Yet, if your period is late, you may be pregnant and may need further medical testing for confirmation.

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