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Causes of travelers’ diarrhea
This type of medical condition is commonly caused by numerous different types of bacteria and viruses. The local drinking water is usually the source of such harmful microorganisms. The most common types of harmful microorganisms associated with the occurrence of travelers’ diarrhea include Escherichia coli, giardia lamblia, amoebae, bacillus cereus, shigella, yersinia, clostridia, salmonella, paratyphoid fever, typhoid fever and cholera. This medical condition usually passes on its own but it sometimes must be treated with certain types of antibiotics. This medical condition occurs very frequently and is commonly associated with poor hygiene, climate changes and several other factors. Those factors include poisonous substances, contaminated drinks and foods, and also food items which have gone off. The mechanisms of spread usually include infections from feces to hand and then to mouth. They may also include infections from feces to food or drink and then to mouth. Toxins may come from a large number of different sorts of food items.
One should always wash the hands with soap thoroughly before using them to put anything in the mouth. The hands need to be dried properly as well because wet hands can still be associated with various types of infections. Soapy water and antiseptic wipes need to be carried along at all times. Alcohol gels can also be of great help as well. Local drinking water, ice creams and all other sorts of dairy products need to be avoided as well. Fresh foods are the only food items which can be consumed. Salads and salad dressings can also be risky. Fish, shellfish and food stalls on the streets should be avoided as well. Vaccination against hepatitis A can also be helpful when it comes to preventing travelers’ diarrhea.
Most cases of travelers’ diarrhea pass on their own in a matter of only a few days. Consuming plenty of fluids is highly recommended. The best choices include soups, cola and diluted fresh juice. Sugar needs to be ingested in certain amounts. Alcohol, coffee and dairy products need to be avoided at all costs. Rehydration powders can be used in a diluted form. Certain types of antibiotics can also be of great help for all those who suffer from travelers’ diarrhea, and the one which is most commonly used is called Ciprofloxacin. Plenty of rest and relaxation accompanied with crisps, biscuits, toast, peeled fruit and boiled rice are highly recommended. Some cases may be treated with certain types of anti diarrhea drugs.

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