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There are various types of cancer and there are a lot of people all over the world who suffer from some type of it. A certain type of cancer, called pancreatic cancer starts in the tissue of the pancreas. Almost all people know that pancreas is an organ located in the abdomen that lies horizontally behind the lower part of the stomach. Pancreas helps in the process of digestion by secreting enzymes. The problem with this type of cancer is that it is not easy to be detected in the early stages. Another problem is that it spreads quite fast. In most cases the signs and symptoms are visible once the cancer is in the advanced stage. In most cases, the surgical removal is then not possible.


No doctor can say that there is a sure way a person can prevent pancreatic cancer from occurring. However, there are ways a person can reduce the chance of getting this type of cancer. First of all, a person should stop smoking. There are ways to help a person get over this addiction. Maintaining a healthy and normal weight is also very important. People who are already overweight should make sure to lose weight but they should do it slowly and gradually. The normal weight loss should be between one and two pounds per week. A person can achieve this with a proper diet and regular exercises. Exercising should be performed as often as possible, at least several times per week. Half an hour of exercise per day should be done at least. A healthy diet is essential. People should consume a lot of fruits and vegetables in order to lessen the chance of getting pancreatic cancer.

Alternative medicine

A person diagnosed with any type of cancer will look for every possible way to treat it. Lots of people turn to alternative and complementary medicine when there is little or no hope from conventional medicine. However, there is still to be found an alternative medicine that will cure pancreatic cancer.On the other hand, alternative medicine does help people to cope with distress. Art therapy, exercise, meditation, music therapy, spirituality and relaxation exercises are only some of the alternative therapies that help people with distress.

Coping and support

Almost all people feel devastated when they are diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. There are some things that might help. Learning everything to know about the illness is one of them. Support system is very important and people should find someone to talk to. People should get in touch with other people who suffer from cancer.

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