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Myotonic dystrophy,or commonly known as muscular dystrophy, is a very serious autosomal disease which attacksthe entire musculature of a person. It is inherited in many cases, and it manifests itself trough themuscles weakness so that a person cannot, for example, grip a doorknob. It canappear at any age, but most frequently it appears in a person’s 20s or 30s.First, muscular dystrophy affects limbs, face and neck and after that, skin andeven many glands are affected. It has very serious effects on heart, eyes, hair growth and it can also cause infertility.

There are twotypes of muscular dystrophy which happen because of the mutations in certain genes. Type 2 is not that serious as the type 1, but the type 1 occurs much morefrequently. According to some statistics, one person in 10 000 gets thisdisease.

Myotonic diseaseis heritable disease and it is passed from a generation to the next generation. butthe seriousness of the illness depends on the food as well as on the lifestyle.

To face thisdisease, the person must be on a special diet, take in proper food and medicament's as well as vitamins.Vitamin Q10 is recommended for muscle dystrophy. The food or products thatconsist of vitamin B, vitamin E and anti-oxidants can be very useful andhelpful in treating the disease. Vitamin D andselenium are also highly recommended. Selenium helps the body to process the vitamin E in a better and faster way, and in some researches which were conducted on animals, selenium even helped in curing this peculiar disorder and its major symptoms entirely.

For adultpersons, the doctors will probably suggest the use of vitamin E, while for children, especially in the cases where the disease is easier for the treatment, they will recommend the use of vitamin C andvitamin B.

Reishi Mushrooms canbe used as an alternative remedy for this purpose because, although they do not cure the muscledystrophy, they can mitigate the symptoms. There have been cases that show theimprovement in body movement and even some progress when the patients were usingReishi Mushrooms during their treatment while they were suffering from this illness.

Many doctors will also recommend the use of lecithin along with vitamin E to their patients. One more natural remedy which is frequently suggested as a possibility in treating this disorder is Zell immunocomplex, which contains germ oil.

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