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Another disease typical for childhood is called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and it is causes inflammation and flatulentation of joints. A child’s joints are painful and paralytic and the condition is similar to rheumatoid arthritis with adults: children may grow out of the condition but only with appropriate medical treatment. If the condition is not treated in childhood, patients may have constant problem as adults. A juvenile rheumatoid arthritis exists in 3 types:

Pauciarticular is the usual type and the lightest type of rheumatoid arthritis; it spreads onto 1 to 4 joints of wrists, fingers, ankles, toes, knees, hips or elbows.Polyarticular is stronger type and it may spread on more joints to increase by time. Systemic is very severe one and spreads on lot of joints as well as to organs.

SymptomsThe symptoms juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA) are morning paralytic state of joints, reappearing symptoms of joint pain, irritability of joints and swelling and pain of joints. The constant pain in joints is something that children get used to by time and do not recognize as a pain, but stiffness of joint is far more disturbing and recognizable, so children may recognize disorder by joint stiffness. Plus most of children do not like going to doctors and will do anything to avoid going to doctor.

But there are other symptoms for the same disorder that may help parents identify JRA, which are on the following listed:

Systemic JRA may induce rash. The rash is light red or pink, spotty, flat, and may be accompanied with fever. The surface where rash may show up is armpits, torso, palms, face, soles or feet. The rash appears and disappears every now and then in just one day and may be caused by hot bath or skin scratching. Systemic JRA causes fever spikes and reach 103F to 106F twice in a day, with a fallen temperature from normal to high between spikes.JRA children need eye examinations in order for ophthalmologist to recognize eye damage that may cause vision problems for good. In case of damaged eye due to a JRA, child has sensitivity to light not very clear vision, light red eyes, pain or even loss of vision in severe cases.

There other conditions that is just alike JRA symptoms. Symptoms like injury overuse of joints, different inflammations, infections of bones and some other following diseases. There are variety of conditions that may cause hurtful joints and stiff limbs. Some joint pains as children concern are linked to injury or aggravation of such usual due to sport activities: there is one or two typical for sport activities like spondyloarthropathies or Reiter's syndrome or psoriatic arthritis.

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