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The condition we will discuss in this text isconnected with the middle ear and it is called ear infection. In general publicthis name is used only for the infection of the middle ear. Naturally there areinfections of the outer and inner ear, but they will not be a part of thistext. When it comes to the location of the middle ear, a small area behind theeardrum is called middle ear.


There are many possible ways for contracting anear infection. Several dangers are lurking in the throat and nose, just waitingfor a chance to enter the middle ear region. When a person suffers from a cold,perfect surrounding for the infection is created. One tube connecting ear andthroat gets swollen when we suffer from a cold, and when this happens, fluidwill be trapped in this tube, thus making a perfect location for the multiplicationof harmful germs. This problem may be even more serious for children, because the tubeis more easily blocked in them. This condition makes very diverse problems. Thepain can be very strong or it can be insignificant. Children can have somewhatbigger problems. They can pull and scratch their ears, suffer from a fever, orexperience yellowish fluid in the eardrum. If this happens, probably the eardrum has ruptured. But this is not alarming since the eardrum will eventuallyheal without any treatment.


When the tube is blocked, but an infection neveroccurs, a feeling of plugged ear can happen. Several weeks will take before thefluid is removed from the tube. For a diagnosis, a doctor will ask severalquestions and examine the troubling ear. After the diagnosis is made, the restis very important, so try to relax as much as possible. For the pain, you canuse acetaminophen or some anti-inflammatory drugs which will decrease thediscomfort. This medication can be used in children which need the pain to bedecreased. Try putting something warm, like a cloth. But never use this methodon children since the heat can cause burns. The doctor will give you eardroops, which will need to be use every day. And we repeat, try to rest as much asyou can. Before you use any drugs or medications, first check with your doctorabout the risks. Some medications can cause tiredness. If the eardrum hasruptured, it is crucial not to let water to come in the ear. There are manygerms which can be located in water and cause more problems. Also repeat thevisit to the doctor if the problem is present after a week.

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