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Health insurance – a sturdy foundation for good health

As almost anybody knows, especially those who live on the United States soil, a proper health insurance can, without exaggeration, save one's life. In addition, by being insured one does not need to worry needlessly as to whether his/her medical expenses will be the end. But many people are convinced that the insurance is not an essence in every possible health/medical related case. Thus, numerous questions tends to arise from this regarding the identity of the person who ultimately pays for the specific insurance, regarding the need for insurance in the first place, and last but not the least, regarding the fact whether health insurance is really such an essential part of our daily lives.

Unless a person is in constant check of his/her health, which only a small percentage does, he/she is not able to predict what kind of ailment is going to strike and when. Once this does occur, the first thing one needs to do, unless specific circumstances do not allow it, is visit a doctor. The truth is also that quite a number of ailments can be remedied and more importantly, prevented from occurring by simply adhering to a healthy and balanced diet, fortified by the employment of a number of home and natural remedies to address those more serious in nature ailments.

Unfortunately, some of the ailments tend to progress to such an extent that no other option but paying physician a visit is at one's disposal. Still, such visits to a specific doctor tend to be more than pricey and drain one's budget significantly, sometimes even completely. The truth is that, in the greatest number of instances, health insurance is ready and willing to cover only those costs directly related to minor illnesses, while leaving it up to a person to take care of those bigger expenses that tend to accumulate due to the presence of a more severe illness. This is the fact that concerns and worries most of the people in the United States.

Treatment in the USA – too high a price to pay

One of the causes for concern, at least when it comes to ordinary people, refers to the overtly high wages that doctors/physicians in the US receive (five times more than their colleagues in Europe). And this is the direct and the main cause of the ever so high healthcare costs on the US soil. In addition, health insurance premium has been increasing steadily in the last couple of years (2009/2010 – 6%), and is expected to continue in this fashion in the future, with additional increase of 8.8% in 2011.

Furthermore, what have researchers discovered is that as much as 62.1% of bankruptcy cases were actually due to overtly high medical expenses. In the light of this, many do feel that radical changes are but a must.

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