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An Australian doctor who remains unnamed for (dubious?) legal reasons was found guilty of grievous bodily harm for something he did in 2002 this week. The crime? He removed a woman's complete vulva, including her clitoris, during an operation that was supposed to target a patch of precancerous skin only. During the procedure, 60 square centimeters was removed from the woman's genital areas. Just as the patient, then 58-year old widow Carolyn DeWaegeneire, was receiving general anesthesia and was already nodding off, the doctor leaned over and whispered into her ear, "I'm going to take off your clitoris, too!"

Carolyn DeWaegeneire had a small patch of precancerous skin on her vulva and believed the operation would take care of that, and nothing else. When a nurse noticed that the "doctor" in question was about to remove the woman's clitoris and called him out on it, he answered: "Her husband is dead, so it doesn't matter anyway." Are you shocked enough yet? The poor woman told the court that there was "nothing left, everything is gone" in her genital region. This doctor claimed that he was trying to save the woman's life and carrying out the removal of her genitals by way of cancer treatment. But the patient did not agree. She described to the court how this person, who doesn't really deserve to be called "doctor" told her that her precancerous skin would be removed only. If he had discussed a complete vulvectomy, the removal of all the outer parts of the female genitals, she "would never have walked through that hospital door to start with'' and "never, never, never, never" have given her consent.

The part where the person in question leaned over the patient and said he'd take her clitoris off, specifically in such a way only she could hear it, makes the whole story sound like a horror movie. Unfortunately, the sentence is still to be decided upon and we don't know this "doctor's" name. What do you think would be an appropriate sentence?

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