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If you are one of those women who cannot wait to get intimate with your partner again very soon after you give birth, the question "is it really OK?" might pop into your head. Apart from the logistical problems most new parents encounter (having a newborn who frequently wakes up and wants to nurse), when are you able to have sex again after your delivery?

Lochia, the post-partum bleeding that you will definitely experience, is known as the "mother of all periods". You will understand why lochia has been given this name as soon as you get it. Post-partum bleeding lasts for an average of 40 days. Many mothers will also have painful uterine contractions during this time. These afterpains are totally normal and help your uterus return to its pre-pregnancy shape. But they do mean that you probably will not feel like having intercourse just yet. Most healthcare providers will tell you that you should wait to try and have sex at least until your six week post-partum check up. This makes a lot of sense, especially if you tore or had an episiotomy (vaginal incision) during your delivery.

But nonetheless, we think that you can try to have intercourse as soon as your lochia stops, if you feel like it. Don't be shocked if making love after giving birth makes you feel like a virgin all over again. Make sure that you go slow, and pay attention to your body at all times. If intercourse is painful or difficult, or if it makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, stop and try again a few days later. Birth does a lot to your girl parts, and it is no wonder that your body needs time to heal. Cesarean moms are not exempt from this. Recovery after a c-section takes time too, and it is especially important to wait with sex until after you have seen your obstetrician if you had a surgical birth. You might want to read about birth control after pregnancy as soon as you do resume having intercourse.

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