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A Vietnamese man is finally free of a 90 kg tumor on his leg, which he had had since childhood, after a 12-hour operation! Nguyen Duy Hai, 31, had the non cancerous tumor since he was four years old. It was 1.2 meters in diameter, and severely limiting to his life. The American surgeon who carried out the operation waived all his fees.

The tumor Nguyen Duy Hai had on his leg covered the whole bed in pictures of him that were released to the press. It was not cancerous, and was caused by a rare genetic disease the man suffers from. When he was 17, doctors amputated part of his leg in an attempt to stop the tumor from growing, but it didn't help.

Dr McKay McKinnon had is an internationally renowned doctor who already operated on a similar patients, including a Romanian women with an 80 kg tumor He removed the tumor from Ngugen Duy Hai on Thursday, at the France-Vietnam (FV) hospital in Ho Chi Minh City. But, it wasn't a low-risk operation; Dr McKinnon explained that the odds for success were around 50 percent.

Before his operation, Hai said: "It's common for people to fear death, and I'm no exception. But when I heard that Dr McKinnon had decided to come back to Vietnam one more time to give me a new life, I became more hopeful." Thankfully, the operation went very well.

The man's relatives told the press they cried with joy when they found out that he had survived the complex operation. And Dr McKinnon? Well, he is already planning new humanitarian operations. Kieu Thi My Dung has heavy tumors all over the right side of her face, including where her eye should be. And Thach Thi Sa Ly has thousands of little, round tumors covering her whole body from head to toe.

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