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Prerequisites for donating eggs

In case a woman desires do be a donor of an egg, she has to meet some specific criteria. Being a donor of egg is an excellent way to earn money and also to help some other family introduce a new life into their home.

Human life is conceived the moment a female person becomes expectant. Another life is introduced into this world the very moment the egg is impregnated and a new heartbeat emerges. Some would say that the delivery is one of the most beautiful moments in a woman’s life. Sadly, some women are unable to conceive the natural way for different reasons and are in need of a donated egg. However, not every woman can become a donor of an egg, since there are some necessities to be fulfilled.

Egg donation in general

There are some women who are in need of a healthy egg. They are females who are experiencing obstacles on their way to conceiving the natural way. The causes are different – from sterility to too few eggs to small ovaries. In this case, a woman has the option of asking for a donated egg.

And then again, there are some women that fulfil the requirements for giving an egg. Females whose reproductive systems are healthy and who produce normal eggs can potentially donate eggs. The egg is taken and fertilized artificially, in accordance with the so-called in vitro procedure, and then inserted into the body of a woman who needs it. There are specific rules pertaining to the procedure of donating an egg.

Specific factors to be considered

As we have previously said, there are some requirements to be met by a woman who wishes to be a donor of an egg. One of the first things to be taken into consideration is the age of the donor. She needs to be between 21 and 31 years old. In cases specialists determine the egg is in good condition, women up to 34 years of age can also donate.

Also, the potential donor can be neither overweight nor underweight, since, it may cause some problems. The donor must have graduated from high school, but not with a lower degree of education. Of course, drug addicts, alcoholics and smokers are out of the question. Typically the urine of the potential donor is tested for drugs.

The family environment is checked for its medical history. There can be no instances of diseases which are hereditary and which can be passed on through the donated egg.

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