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Every well-informed individual that lives in the modern world knows what superbugs represent. These dangerous, antibiotic-resistant bacteria are growing stronger and stronger with every year, being immune to various medications and lifestyle changes that people may use to counter their negative effect. There are various types of superbugs present in today micro world. Read through the lines below in order to get acquainted with the most common superbugs of today.

Types of Superbugs

MRSA is one of the most dangerous superbugs around. This threat is basically a staff infection taken onto a totally new level. During the previous year, MRSA infected more than 20,000 people around the world and has lead to thousands of deaths. Moreover, this superbug is getting more and more resistant to various forms of treatment. This condition engages in a form of a skin infection, traveling rapidly towards the victim's heart, lungs and bones, eating the tissue. Today, MRSA has evolved into VRSA, being resistant to vancomycin which is one of the strongest antibiotics of modern medicine.

Patients in hospitals and various health care facilities are at the risk of suffering from C. Diff. In fact, almost 30,000 cases of C. Diff were registered last year. The name stands for a special type of bacteria which produce toxins destroying the human colon. The effect of exposure to this bacteria manifests through inflammation, diarrhea, dehydration and fever. This bacterial infection is also getting worse with every new year, being immune to many antibiotics and hand sanitizers. Amazingly, even once a person gets treated for C. Diff, the infection is likely to reoccur. Each infection is a struggle between life and death. Probiotics may help and some people have managed to clean their colons this way.

Another group of extremely dangerous bacteria are E. Coli. Commonly immune to drugs, these bacteria can kill a person or wreak havoc upon one's organism.

Finally, the newest superbug threat is named NDM-1 is currently terrorizing India and Pakistan, moving at a fast pace towards Europe, leading to nothing but death and suffering. It is currently untreatable and is capable of mutating and leading to mutation of other bacteria, attacking the intestines or the skin.

Possible Protection

Consuming cranberries is known to fortify your organism against superbugs, especially E. Coli and S. Aureus and even NDM-1. Also, treating your organism with probiotics may result in complete extermination of MRSA and C. Diff.

Ultimately, tea tree and Thyme oil keep people healthy and more resistant to MRSA.

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