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Exposure toasbestos may cause different health problems, including the chronic non-cancerouslung problem (asbestosis) and also the cancer – mesothelioma. Asbestos is anaturally occurring mineral and the crysotyle asbestos was the most used variety.Since the 1800, asbestos was used in variety of ways, because of its remarkablechemical, heat and fire resistance. It doesn’t conduct the electricity and it wasalso extensively used as insulation, floor tiles, paints, pop ceilings. In the1980, asbestos was banned for use because of the potential health risks forhumans.

Today,certain groups of people are still in risk of developing some asbestos provokedmedical conditions, especially asbestos mine and construction workers. Regular peoplecould have asbestos problems after Renovating some old houses containing asbestos.



Inhalation ofasbestos particles can be responsible for the lung inflammation and scarring ofthe lung tissue, which are the main characteristics of asbestosis. Patients sufferingfrom this condition experience some breathing problems. Further advancement of thisproblem may cause decrease of breathing capacity and lead to lung and mesotheliomacancer.

In mostcases it is not easy to differentiate the asbestosis from bronchitis or asthma,since the symptoms are not specific. Most patients suffer from breathing problems,constant cough, crackling sound while breathing and chest pain. Sometimes even usualdaily chores can be exhausting for these people.

Unfortunately,asbestosis is rarely diagnosed in early stages of the disease, but mostly whenit affects other organs in the body, apart from the lungs. It is known thatasbestosis may cause increased blood pressure in the lungs (pulmonaryhypertension), heart problems, lung cancer and mesothelioma.

The recommendedtreatment consists of vaccination against the flu and pneumonia, since thepeople suffering from asbestosis might be seriously compromised even after acommon flu or cold. Another treatment includes medications for the expanding ofthe blood vessels and blood thinners. As the part of the therapy patients arealso strongly advised to quit smoking immediately.


Mesotheliomais the deadliest cancer known to the doctors. It takes several decades (20 to40 years) for the asbestos fibers to get to the pleura of the lungs, causingthe mesothelioma.

Although asbestosexposure is the main cause of this severe medical problem, patients may livefor years without any sign of the illness. Once diagnosed, the conditionusually gets considerably worse, attacking the lungs, heart and stomach. Patientsremain irreversibly disabled or die. It is estimated that patient wouldprobably have about a year or 18 months of life after the diagnosis.

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