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Stage 0 to IV Colorectal Cancer

Stage 0 is the only found in the innermost lining of the colon. The treatment will normally be: Polypectomy or local excision to get rid of the tumor and a little of the encircling tissue, additional broad surgery to get rid of the bigger colon cancers. Stage I also known as Dukes A Colorectal Cancer

The stage I tumors would have extended past the inner lining of the colon to the 2nd and 3rd layers and will include the inner wall of the colon. At this stage the cancer has not reached the outer wall of the colon.

The treatment for stage 1 cancer should be basically the same as for stage 0 cancer, removal of infected area and surrounding tissue. According to the American Cancer Society, if you have aggressive surgery to get rid of all the cancer offers great potential for cure and the 5 years survival rate is 93%.

Stage II also known as Dukes B Colorectal Cancer

These cancers are bigger in size and expand through the wall of the colon. At this stage there is no presence of cancer in the lymph nodes.At this stage of cancer the typical treatment is still the same as the others mentioned in stage 0 and 1: surgical elimination of the cancer and the surrounding area. If you have stage II colorectal cancer you could be a applicant for a clinical trial with chemotherapy. The five-year survival rate for stage II colon cancer is lower than stage 1 at 78%.

Stage III also known as Dukes C Colorectal Cancer

At this Stage the cancers would have broadened to the outer surface of the colon and reached some lymph nodes. The tumors that are in the colon wall and that in addition occupy the lymph nodes are called Dukes Stage C1.Tumors that have matured and gone through the colon wall and extended to 1 to 4 lymph nodes, are named Dukes Stage C2 cancers. The tumors which have reached further than 4 lymph nodes are now called Dukes stage C3 colon cancers.Treatment for stage III is the same as above however after the surgery you will get chemotherapy and radiation may be required. The survival rate is lowered to 64%.

Stage IV also known as Dukes D Colorectal Cancer

Stage IV colorectal cancers gone to other parts of the body and the tumor may be of any size. Treatment for stage IV will be the removal of the cancer as other stages and may also be a bypass of the colon, chemotherapy, possible clinical trials and radiation. Unfortunately the 5 year survival rate is only 8%.

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