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Cancerous disease called mesothelioma can be seen among people in increasing number. This disease affects the mesothelial cells of which the mesothelium consists of. The mesothelium is the outer layer that acts as a guard for the organs such as lungs, stomach and the heart. Unprotected and regular exposure to asbestos is the main reason why this type of cancer is developed. It is also very difficult to diagnose it because of the latency period and the symptoms. There are treatment options conducted today for the mesothelioma, but they are simply not effective enough and the scientists are looking for new forms of treatment.

The biggest chances of being the carriers of this disease have people exposed to asbestos for a longer period of time, which is the main reason why people between 60 and 70 years of age contract this type of cancer the most. People working with asbestos usually work under bad protection rules and thus they are being exposed to the fibers and dust coming from the asbestos. This might lead to the abnormal behavior of the mesothelium cells. The problem with this disease is that it cannot be detected during the exposure, but it only appears after 40 years, so people are oblivious and they are not aware of the risks. Workers who come in contact with asbestos are carriers and they can pass the disease to other people as well. The fibers and dust stays on the skin and clothes and they can find its way to the friends and family members, causing respiratory problems, mesothelioma or some other disease.


Lungs and the surrounding tissue are mostly affected by this form of cancer. The cancer of the lining of the lungs, called pleural mesothelioma, causes breath shortness, swallowing and breathing issues, weight loss and fever. This form of cancer is the most common of this type. Peritoneal mesothelioma is a cancer affecting the abdomen and it causes fever, appetite loss, weight loss and vomiting, but it can also lead to nausea, swelling and pain in the stomach area, and bowel obstruction. This type of cancer seldom occurs when compared to the pleural mesothelioma. Heart and the surrounding tissue can also suffer from this type of cancer called pericardial mesothelioma, but this cancer appears very rarely.


This cancer can be mistaken for a number of other well-known diseases due to the presence of similar symptoms. So when you are going to the doctor, always mention that you are working with asbestos so that the doctor can know what to do and what test to order so that proper diagnosis can be set. Survival rates are low when mesothelioma is in question and the chances of survival depend on the stage of the cancer and the time of the treatment. Chemotherapy, palliative therapy, radiation therapy and surgery are treatment options, but others will probably be available in the future since many scientists are looking for new ways of treating mesothelioma.

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