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Glyconutrients – Improving health and preventing disease

Glyconutrients are huge sugar polymers that possess monosaccharides. These monosaccharides are carbohydrates which are made of only one simple sugar. In order for the body to create glycoproteins it needs monosaccharides.What exactly are Glyconutrients?

Glycoproetins are molecules. These molecules play a role of a cellular code for cell to cell communication. A lot of people are not aware that a large number of proteins in a person's body are glycoproteins.Nowadays, there is a whole new branch of medicine named Gycoscience and it is built upon the research on Glyconutrients. Orthomoleculogy is a rather new discipline in medicine and it is also connected with Glyconutrients. Orthomolecular medicine explains how the practice of prevention and treatment of diseases should work when the body is given optimal quantities of substances which are all natural to the body. The basic idea is that genetic factors influence both the physical characteristics of a person and their biochemical potentials.Experts believe that biochemical pathways of the body have a strong genetic variability. Such diseases like cancer, atherosclerosis, depression and schizophrenia are connected with certain biochemical abnormalities which can contribute to the illness.

Nowadays, it is very common for people to be taking food supplements. There are not many supermarkets and drug stores that do not sell food supplements. If not all than a vast majority of these supplements are Glyconutrients and most of the time glycoproteins.

In what ways Glyconutrients can help a person?

For instance, B vitamins have the best effect when they are taken in a group. People can take them singularly and still get the desired effects. A good example is B-6 which helps when a woman is going through the PMS. Almost all women who are consuming oral contraceptives should take this vitamin as well because it lessens the chance of getting a stroke.

B-3 is used by psychiatrists as an alternative treatment for people who suffer from depression, psychotic behavior and schizophrenia.B-3 is an excellent way to lessen the serum cholesterol. Apart from the fact that B vitamins have the best effect when they are taken together, sometimes they can be taken with vitamin C for instance.People who have a damaged liver should use these supplements.

There is a chance that a person will one day be able to treat all illnesses with diet and natural cures if the orthomolecular medicine gains credence. The most important thing will be the real education of the general public.

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