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When the cells of the stomach start to grow and multiply abnormally due to mutations within them, the stomach cancer occurs. The stomach is a vital organ, which holds the food we consume and which assists in the digestion of the food. Another name which is also widely used for the stomach cancer is gastric cancer. It is more observed in the males than in the females and it usually occurs in the ages from 40 to 60. Stomach cancer is a rare health condition in America and Europe, but in Japan it is a common one.

Symptoms and causes of stomach cancer

The most typical symptoms of gastric cancer are stomach pain, heartburn and indigestion, as well as a feeling of bloating and fullness after eating small quantities of food. Furthermore, the people who suffer from stomach cancer may also experience drowsiness, loss of weight, nausea and vomiting. When these symptoms are experienced, it is highly advisable that the person in question goes and sees a doctor who will order some tests to see if the stomach cancer is present.

Although the experts have not established the exact culprit for the development of this type of cancer, there are certain factors that contribute to its occurrence, such as smoked and salty foods.

Types of stomach cancer

There are four types of stomach cancer, which are defined according to the type of cells that gradually become cancerous.Adenocarcinoma is a stomach cancer which starts in the glandular cells, which form the inner stomach lining and which have the role to manufacture mucus that protects the stomach lining from the digestive juices that are highly acidic. This type of stomach cancer is the most common since it is estimated that 90% of cases of stomach cancer is adenocarcinoma.Lymphoma is a gastric cancer, which starts in the immune system cells and it can also be found in the stomach, although in small amounts, and this type of stomach cancer is very infrequent.Carcinoid cancer is a stomach cancer that starts in the hormone-producing cells and this type is also as rare as lymphoma.When the nervous system cells in the stomach become cancerous, the gastrointestinal stromal tumor develops, which is a quite uncommon type of gastric cancer.When it comes to the treatment of stomach cancer, once the condition is diagnosed, a proper treatment should be started immediately. However, which treatment should be employed depends on various factors, and the treatment options for the stomach cancer are surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

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