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Eggsploitation is absolutely the most appropriate word for the cultural phenomena that had grown on the misery of couples who cannot have children or who have fertility issues and are ready to do (give, pay etc.) whatever is needed to get that egg. Word Eggsplotation was produced by the Center for Bioethics and Culture (Lines That Divide, 2009), and the word Eggsplotation says it all.

Documentary is about trading on the Female Body, more precisely eggs, it is about a a multi-billion dollar business industry that profits from the booming business of human eggs. There are real stories told by the real women who got involved in egg trafficking and by those whose lives have been changed forever. As already said we wrote about the topic before and we have introduce you with the policy behind, how much money can actually be offered (and how much money there it is actually offered for human eggs), how many times agencies violate terms and conditions of American Society for Reproductive Medicine Guidelines, and these ads promoting egg donors violate guidelines by targeting young women on colleges through ads placed in college magazines, college campus bulletin boards, social media, online classifieds and offered them up to 100,000 for donated eggs in order to help someone s dream come true.

This definitely leads to conclusion that human eggs are a privilege of the rich. Caucasians with blue eyes, high IQ, slim figure (90-60-90) are the most wanted ;) I am joking in this last sentence (although there is nothing to joke about), but hey there is actually preference type of woman donator and it does include skin color, hair color etc. I am sure this documentary will shake us exactly what the 7th art should do! And hopefully will raise some additional questions too...

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