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The heart is absolutely vital when it comes to maintaining human life. It pumps blood around our body and keeps us alive. The heart is, unfortunately, quite vulnerable to a number of conditions. Congestive heart failure is one such affliction that can cause serious problems for the heart. This condition causes a loss of function in the heart, which can have fatal consequences due to the fact that blood will not be able to freely circulate throughout the body. Because of the seriousness of the condition, many will doubtless be worried about life expectancy when it comes to those who have suffered congestive heart failure.


There is no absolutely definitive life span that has been successfully documented in the case of those with congestive heart failure. Even experienced doctors will not normally wish to estimate the life span of a congestive heart failure patient. Life expectancy will depend on different factors. When estimating a life span, it is necessary to take into account the severity of the condition, as well as the stage to which it has advanced. Earlier diagnosis and treatment will of course be advantageous. Conversely, those who seek treatment in the end stage of the disease will be more vulnerable to death.

Life Expectancy

Many will go on to live for many years with congestive heart failure. On the other hand, about 70% of sufferers will die within ten years of diagnosis. Those who have experienced mild heart failure generally live for more than a decade, while those with a severe manifestation of the condition will generally be given a life expectancy of more than two years. Life expectancy will not necessarily increase with treatment, but it will certainly decrease if treatment is not administered. The estimated life expectancy for elderly people who suffer from congestive heart failure is generally quite low. This is due to the fact that treatment options will become more limited as the years progress. No concrete conclusions can be drawn, however, since no definitive studies have been conducted with regard to the condition. It is therefore very difficult for anyone to estimate an exact life expectancy for heart failure patients.

In general, it is best not to pay too much heed to estimations of life expectancy. Any estimated life expectancy will be based on comparison to other similar cases, so in fact it is possible to live far longer or far shorter than the estimated life expectancy with which one was provided. One must try instead to focus on treatment and rehabilitation rather than statistics.

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