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The benefits of invacare electric wheel chairs

Invacare electric wheelchairs and scooters are excellent devices which come in many varieties and are capable of fitting numerous needs of customers. Additionally, Invacare offers full support regarding their products when it comes to parts and services, making it easy for you to find whatever you need in a local supplier close to you. These wheelchairs are available in all sizes, fitting children as well as adults. Also, there are those which are designed for the overweight and obese.

Pediatric Wheelchair Models

When it comes to pediatric electric wheelchairs, these are created in order to fit their future owners. Namely, they have expandable seats which you can move and adjust as the child him/herself is growing. The controls are easy and straightforward, meaning that they can be used by children without problems. Moreover, such wheelchairs are fully customizable for you to set them up. Naturally, reclining and tilting options are the basic parts of these wheelchairs.

Speaking of the versatility of these products, we should mention that Invacare electric wheelchairs can be set up for left-handed or right-handed people. The speed controls which regulate how fast the wheelchairs are going are also located next to the main, adjustable controls.

Additionally, Invacare pediatric wheelchairs come with special safety tie-downs which help securing the wheelchair during school bus rides or other kinds of transportation.

Finally, these wheelchairs come with a special system of climbing over curbs and other smaller obstacles, allowing you comfort and complete freedom of movement.

Other Wheelchair Models

All of the above mentioned functions are more or less present in adult models of Invacare wheelchairs. However, this is not where the list of features ends. Some wheelchairs have elevating seats which can help you reach for high places.

As for the drive, there are chairs which have a front-wheel drive, those which are powered by a back-wheel drive and those who have a center-wheel drive. Depending on the use of the chair, you are to pick the model suiting you best.

The wide range of Invacare wheelchairs encompasses traveling wheelchairs, which are foldable and meant to be used on holidays, during travels or in doctors’ offices. Nevertheless, these models can go up to 6MPH. So, they will allow you to enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

All in all, all of the above mentioned Invacare wheelchairs can be broken down into 7 smaller pieces. However, the best way of transporting is to get a transport wheelchair for you.

The options are endless, the comfort supreme and the experience wonderful – choose Invacare electric wheelchairs.

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