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Massage Chair Bodywork

What does body work include anyways?

Body work means practicing positive, natural therapeutic treatment. Its goal is to provide growth and healing for the individual. And that's exactly why the massage chair has been invented. Taking into account the pace of modern life today and the consequential resulting stress of it, it is almost a necessity to be able to get a fix of stress relief – on demand. Which is what the massage chair does, because all of the programs incorporated into its routines have been so, to meet the end of providing a relaxing, soothing treatment and immediate body tension relief for its owner.

Bluntly put, getting a massage chair is no small shift in the paradigm of healthy living.

The Chair Itself

A massage chair is not only a piece of medical equipment. It is also a piece of furniture. That's why its design is important as well. So among the wide variety of designs available, many include stylish features such as inlaid wood trim. Their upholstery is typically leather, whether it be ox grain or the super soft synthetic kind.

A massage chair's recliners include a built in air compression system. Its purpose is to provide soothing relief for the muscle areas they come in contact with.

Its Functionality

A massage chair is typically capable of providing a variety of massage styles, for example:

  • Swedish

  • shiatsu

  • acupressure

  • reflexology.

The preferred style is up to the owner's needs, which may include anything from ridding him or her from stiffness in general, to treating a specific area in a particular way.

Massage chairs also typically come with stretching functionality, and their goal is to, quite literally, stretch the muscles of the owner's limbs. This in turn provides for a greater flexibility and range of motion, both for the owner's arms and legs.

Another great function is heat therapy. It is most popular among sports trainers and the like. Heat therapy

  • reduces swellings, and

  • enhances the circulation.

These heating elements are placed throughout the chair so that they may be used for the entire body at once or just a specific area which is in need of attention.

Additionally, a massage chair also comes with an MP3 player and a set of headphones. Why? Because listening to soft, preferably instrumental music while reviving a massage or heat therapy closes the circle of a complete relaxation treatment.

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