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Is there a cure for Hammer toe

All the four toes except from the big toe can be affected by this common condition, called hammered toe. As the name says itself, the toes are bent down and look like a hammer. It is, actually, the deformity of the joints of those toes.

Hammered toes can be caused by a variety of circumstances. Among them the most common cause is wearing the inappropriate shoes, especially when wearing the wrong size and especially concerning the female population. Of course, some different types of traumas can lead to this condition, too. But, the underlying diseases which can cause it shouldn’t be forgotten, neither. Those are some neuromuscular conditions, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

Of course, during some period right after the deformity starts to develop, it is possible to put the affected toes back in the normal position. One of the probable complications is the formation of a blister and the inflammation of that specified spot, and that way, the simple deformity turns into a wound.

Anyway, the surgical procedure is performed most often. And the problem is that, then, some more serious consequences, (such as, for example, the re growth of removed bone, the phenomenon called floating toe and a mallet toe deformity) are likely to happen. Especially the phenomenon of persistent swelling and big chances to reappear after some time, are very present consequences of the procedure in many cases.

However, the tree most frequently performed procedures are digital arthroplasty, the transfer of the tendon and digital arthrodesis. The tendon transfer can be combined with the two other mentioned procedures. The arthroplasty and the arthrodesis are actually the actions of removing the bone from the affected joint, so that it could be returned into the normal position. The only difference is that the arthrodesis is the total, and the arthroplasty is the partial removal of the bone.

But, in the cases of the more serious damages, the bone must be removed from the beginning of a toe.

Also, as far as the surgery is concerned, it is good to mention that it is done without the general anesthesia, that one should lie in the hospital for only one day and that the drugs for lowering the pain sensation must be taken after the procedure.

And, finally, in order to prevent this condition of hammered toes, it is recommended to wear the appropriate shoes, and even some devices and protections for the particular part of a foot and do the exercises that are recommended by a podiatrist.

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