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How to reduce triglycerides

A few words about triglycerides

Triglycerides are actually the lipids which are formed, as their name already says it all, from the three molecules of the fatty acids and one molecule of glycerol. They are normally present in the blood flow, but, when they are accumulated in the excessive amount, they are very harmful for the health of the coronary system and hearth. In fact, triglycerides, along with the increased amount of cholesterol are the most frequently harmful and very dangerous substances in the blood flow which lead to the inevitable damage to the blood vessels and the hearth, gradually and through the time. Also, they are commonly known as the piled up fat in the organism which is very difficult to be removed.

The majority of the problems happen because with this substance in it, the quality of the blood decreases. It becomes more dense and sticky, and therefore, there is the significantly increased possibility of the infarct or stroke, since that kind of the blood is more prone to cause the blockage in the blood vessels.

Solving this problem effectively

Having that in mind, the best advice is to prevent the problem from happening in the first place, however, if someone spots the problem of the increased amount of these harmful substance in the blood, the early detection and the timely treatment are the key to the successful healing process. In order to effectively minimize the quantity of triglycerides in the blood, the problem must be attacked in its root, that is, by replacing the unhealthy eating habits with the proper and healthy ones. Of course, the increased intake of the beneficial nutrients must go hand in hand with the regular workouts, since the perspiration is essentially important for the process of the detoxification, which enables the optimal absorption of the vital nutrients.

Besides this basis of leading a healthy lifestyle, it is also recommendable to arrange the same amount of the foods eaten daily into more meals, in order to improve the metabolic process and the digestion. Also, the intake of the sugar, the white bread, pasta, rice and potatoes should be lowered, since the excessive carbohydrates turn into the glycerol molecules in the liver. And, one should stay away from drinking the beverages based on alcohol.

As far as the beneficial foods are concerned, and the foods which lower the level of these lipids in the blood, the most effective are the omega 3 fatty acids (the fish oil, salmon and the seeds from flax are rich in them) and the foods that contain the vitamin C.

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