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Can you expect yoga to help cure your yeast infection?

Yoga – A disinfectant

Many people will pose numerous questions related to the existence of real connection between yoga and yeast-infection relief. No matter how improbable and impossible it may sound or seem and despite the fact that no official research studies have been performed and completed yet, those preliminary ones point out to the most astonishing link between doing yoga regularly (i.e. day in and day out) and the effects those people who suffer from the infection in question can benefit from.

Main culprit to be on the lookout from

When it comes to this specific infection, it must be emphasized that the most to be blamed causer is candida fungi, which actually represents microbes that have the tendency to populate those parts of the person’s body that are warm and moist at the same time. Most prominent target areas include such as one’s mouth, intestines, throat and the genitals, and exactly out of this reason, the infection in question is quite often referred to as candidiasis.

The safest people around are those whose friendly bacteria located in the body are at their best and keep candida in complete control and at bay. But, even despite this, candida has the tendency to increase in number quite suddenly, when specific situations arise. Once the growth in numbers begins, candida is known to grow its roots, which have the strength to tear into the gut walls and thus make it possible for candida to get to the blood and ultimately infest the blood circulation. A direct consequence of this is induction of quite a number of unpleasant and unwanted side effects and symptoms, which have the tendency to attack and occur all over one’s body. Regarded as the most frequent causers of candida outbreak are:

  • Ill immune system, i.e. the one that does not perform its function in the manner most proper and needed in order for the body to be able to fight off any potential threats, including candida. The immune system can lose its overall strength due to the use of antibiotics, improper diet or due to the existence of some other health related problems.
  • Overdoing it with sugar, i.e. sweets, as well as with alcohol, refined carbohydrates and food varieties alike
  • Various stress related factors, which are known to bring about the malfunction of the immune system, leading as well to the unwanted increase in the blood sugar levels
  • Accumulation of toxins

The most evident benefits and power of yoga lie in the fact that it puts forth and promotes a more conscious living. In addition, it is known to make the best possible use of possibilities for both physical and mental health, as well as spiritual happiness. 

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