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Calories in sprouts

Information on Sprouts

Sprouts can be bought in stores but they can also be grown at home. Consumption of sprouts is often associated with vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and the power of healthy food. Sprouts are among the healthiest types of natural food and they are an important source of numerous different types of nutrients. They are also loaded with calories which may be an issue for some of those who are trying to lose some excess weight. They can be consumed in their raw form but they can also be boiled or roasted. They can also be consumed as vegetables or salads.

Sprouts Health Benefits

Alfalfa sprouts are an excellent source of saponins, which means they are very efficient in improving the immune system, preventing numerous different types of cardiovascular diseases and arteriosclerosis, reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and increasing the levels of good cholesterol in the blood.

Different types of seeds may affect the nutritional value and the amount of calories contained in the sprouts, but all sprouts are excellent sources of proteins, vitamins, essential minerals and carbohydrates. Endosperm of the sprout seed is loaded with oil, protein and carbohydrates which eventually become sugars and amino acids once the seed becomes germinated. Sprouts are very efficient in providing the much needed levels of energy in the human body.

Sprouts can also be of great help in slowing down the process of aging and enhancing the overall strength and health of the bones. They are also essential in the prevention of menopause, premenstrual syndrome, hot flashes and breast tumors. All sprouts are also excellent sources of phytochemicals which are efficient in the treatment of numerous medical conditions. Sprouts have very potent antioxidant properties and they can be of great help in preventing leukemia and different types of cancer.

Nutritional Value of Sprouts

Each ounce of raw alfalfa sprouts contains 7 calories. One bowl of stir-fried, sprouted cooked lentils with salt contains approximately 101 calories. A cup of raw sprouted alfalfa seeds contains only 8 calories. A cup of raw sprouted radish seeds contains twice as much. Half a pack of bean sprouts may contain up to 27 calories.

A cup of sprouted wheat contains up to 214 calories. A cup of raw sprouted mature seeds of mung beans may contain 31 calories while each cup of cooked Brussels sprouts contains 65 calories. A cup of raw sprouted lentils contains approximately 82 calories. 

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