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Alcoholism in both men and women can result in infertility

Alcoholism is considered to be a treatable disabling addictive disorder. People addicted to alcohol can’t control its consumption even though it is affecting their health, and can seriously damage all their relationships. Although there is no unanimous point of view about what causes alcoholism, there are some identified risk factors, including: stress, social environment, genetic predisposition, mental health, but also ethnic group, age and gender. Alcoholics can suffer from various health problems related to the consummation of alcohol, and one of very important issues is infertility. Both men and women are likely to experience fertility problems if they use alcohol and especially if they are dependent on it.

Whether it is you or someone you know that has problems with alcohol, it is very important to get the help as soon as possible, to prevent any damage that may occur.

Women and Alcohol

All women need to be aware of the risk of infertility associated with excess intake of alcohol. Both alcoholism and occasional drinks can be the reasons for infertility issues, so moderate drinkers may also have the same problem as alcohol dependant women. Use of alcohol while trying to get pregnant may cause ovulation problems or frequent miscarriages, and women might not have successful pregnancy. Alcohol can also lead to increased levels of estrogen and progesterone or cause complications during and after the childbirth, for both newborn child and the mother.

Pregnant women using alcohol during that period can expose their unborn children to harmful effects of alcohol. Because of that, babies can experience fetal alcohol syndrome and medical problems that this syndrome carries, such as: slow growth, severe heart problems, behavioral changes or even retardation of the child. All these problems are known to be associated with the use of alcohol in pregnancy.

Alcohol and Male Infertility

Men are also prone to experience infertility after the overuse of alcoholic drinks. For all men who want to have children slowing down the pace or completely stopping the consummation of alcohol might be a great idea.

Alcohol is proven to affect the quality of the sperm, and men consuming large quantities of alcohol can have abnormally shaped spermatozoids. This condition may cause impotency and affect men psychologically. Being diagnosed with such medical problem, men could experience inadequacy and a lack of worthiness also. Besides the decrease in sperm quality, men drinking too much alcohol can expect the damage of sperm generating cells and changes in hormone levels, all leading to fertility issues. So, quitting drinking can immensely improve chances for any man to have a child in the future.

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